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We pay great importance to all issues related to environmental protection and preservation of its assets. Therefore, we created a modern and environmentally friendly plant that allows for full consumption of raw materials and energy contained in it.

In order to protect the environment on best possible way:

  • as the first company in the world, we hase been using the heat generated during charcoal production – wood pyrolysis – to produce electrical energy,
  • we created a modern factory of a well-considered technological process,
  • we have been using the most modern environment protection devices,
  • we conduct the charcoal production process in a exothermic (closed) way, which does not require burning fuels and causes no harmful emissions,
  • we obtain 100% consumption of the raw materials,
  • we use FSC® certified raw materials in the production process, thus supporting the development of the Responsible Forest Management,
  • we raise the environmental awareness of buyers of charcoal and briquette. Our clients, who purchase charcoal and charcoal briquette produced by OZEN PLUS, not only buy these products but they also contribute to the increase in the production of "green" electrical energy.



Certificate FSC®

We are pleased to inform you, that by taking care of the highest quality products and supporting the Responsible Forest ...

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