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Charcoal briquette

For the charcoal briquette production we use charcoal fines generated during charcoal production and its transport in our factory. For the charcoal production we only use hardwood, mainly beech, oak, ash or hornbeam, with FSC® certificate.

As we pay great care to the selection of the best raw materials combined with modern and eco-friendly technology, our products achieve the highest quality level. In order to maintain the required quality standards we conduct control tests in our own laboratory.

Why is „Grillove Premium” charcoal briquette worth choosing?

  • It is the highest quality product.
  • It provides a long grilling time and a 2,5 kg bag lasts up to 300 minutes. 
  • It has a high calorific value (29.500 kJ / kg), which ensures the right embers temperature. 
  • It is a 100% natural product, which contains no chemicals.
  • It provides the grilled products with an unique taste and aroma.
  • The production takes place in an environmentally friendly and modern plant, located in North West Poland.
  • The raw materials used for the production meet international standards of the Responsible Forest Management FSC®.

Moreover, by buying charcoal briquette produced in our plant, the customer contributes to the production of the „green” electrical energy.

Unit packages: 2 kg, 2,5 kg, 3,0 kg, 4,0 kg, 5,0 kg, 10,0 kg, 15,0 kg
Packaging: Europalette, DHP
Standard DIN EN 1860-2 yes
Standard DIN plus according to EN 1860-2 yes
FSC® yes


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Certificate FSC®

We are pleased to inform you, that by taking care of the highest quality products and supporting the Responsible Forest ...

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